Client cannot log in with details and password we sent

I sent my first invoice to my major work customer
I clicked the box to generate a password and log in
but she says it wont let her log in and she cannot read the email or the invoice

Hi @binbrite

Unless you enforce login for your client, a username and password isn’t required. When we send an email for an invoice or estimate, we send a token which can automatically log them in and take them straight to that specific invoice/estimate.

Have you tried changing the password (simply modify the contact entry)? If so, does the new password work?

I am a normal sales company dealing with suppliers and customers. Am I correct in understanding that the only way one of my customers can see Estimates, Invoices or files that I have put in their account area is via an E mail link? I thought they received a password. It raises the question of what happens when my customer contact changes, does the new contact get access to historic invoices, files etc and is the old contact debarred. Is there a way of seeing exactly what the customer sees in their area - eg can I set up a dummy customer for test purposes?

Hi @DuncanH

No, they can log in with a username and password too. Just for convenience, we include a secure link in the emails to allow them to log in directly without prompting them for their details (unless you enforce this, which is done on a client by client basis).

This is optional. When you change an email address for a contact, we give you the option to invalidate the previously issued links:

Of course. If you view a client’s details in your account, providing there’s a contact for that client, you will see a “Impersonate Client” option at the top of the page:

Hope that helps!

Thank you very much that is all very useful. One last question - can I upload files to a customer area so that the can be accessed from the menu using a new tab “Files”

This isn’t possible at the moment in that manner (although you’re welcome to start a feature request for this if you wish).

However, any files attached to a client invoice or estimate will be available for them to view in their client area, along with any notes you add to them.

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