Client Default Terms

All the clients are set to Month +1 but on the statements the invoices they are coming out at 14 days.
How can I change this ?

Hi @ANFlatley

Have you checked the due dates on the individual invoices showing on the statement are correct?

Ok thanks , how do I change those as they are showing 14

You would have to go into and amend the invoice to change the terms

Hi Beth , is that every time you send an invoice ???

Hi @ANFlatley

If you have set default terms then these should show on the invoices going forward but they won’t have changed any that had previously been sent

They have been set at month +1 since we started over 12 months ago and still come though ( via API) at 14days

Beth , and the invoices coming over are set at Nett Monthly

Hi @ANFlatley

When you are creating an invoice through the API, one of the required fields is TermDays. Whatever is specified here will be used for that particular invoice.

Thanks , will look at this


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