Client details form

An observation: I have noticed that when you create a new client and are populating the client details screen, there is the space to enter ‘phone’ (directly below Company Number). If you put a number in this field and save without entering any numbers in the phone number fields in the contact details area, the phone number you have entered doesn’t actually show in the column entitled ‘telephone’ within the client management area. The only way to get it appear here is to go into the record and go into the ‘Add new client contact’ screen and effectively amend it by using one or both of the available fields.

You wont get a client area without entering email address anyway, its good to keep mobile and landlines with contacts name in Add new client contact screen, plus you can add multiple contacts for one client

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The phone number you’re entering here is the main contact number for the organisation. You can then add multiple contacts for that organisation and list separate phone numbers for each. Having checked this it would appear that in the client management screen we reference the phone number for the default contact.

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