Client Export

Has the issue of the ability to export client data been sorted? I know you can export primary contact but wanted to export all. So 1 client * 5 contacts for example. Even if you can’t do it from the system is there anyone from the firm (quickfile) that can help to do it as a ONE off? Quickfile is great for what it does but we want to do better sales , marketing via our CRM.
Please advise.


Hi @juwelDMC

This isn’t an issue, it’s just unsupported at this time. However, there is an active feature request that you may wish to add your vote to:

We don’t do one off reports unfortunately. Although you may be able to achieve this using our API (which in turn could be used to automate your process). Or alternatively, we do work with an agency who may be able to help.

Sadly. Unless the API feed is something that a non developer can do - which it doesnt seem to be. Its not going to be of much use.

Unfortunately it does require some coding knowledge. I highly recommend adding your vote to the feature request I linked to above, or alternatively reach out to one of our partners by going to Account Settings >> 3rd Party Integration >> API, and click the “Looking for help building a bespoke integration with QuickFile?” link.

Or, take a look at Zapier which can help make things easier using the API. No coding knowledge is required for this, but it does depend on what you’re trying to do. Zapier links up with 100s of other software packages. It’s free for small accounts, so it may be worth a look.