Client having direct debit mandate error issues

Hi, I’ve just set up some customers on QuickFile and have sent them all the direct debits mandate link to their email addresses. All have been successful apart from one. Every time the client clicks on my email to set up the direct debit their end, it keeps coming up with the error message, as per attached pic. Any ideas please? Thanks

I will add that as another backup, I’ve gone and deleted the current direct debit from gocardless, that went through them before I linked all of them to QuickFile. None of the others have had issues though.

Is it browser dependent? I.e. does it work for clients using chrome and fail for those using IE or similar?

It’s odd that it would redirect to that error instantly. It means the client is reaching the GoCardless screen but is getting redirected back to us. It’s worth asking the client to try a different browser or to clear the cache.

When you generate a GoCardless mandate request it will generate a link so you can see if that works for you first. If it works for you and not the customer it’s likely browser / cache related.

The client has tried a different browser, so I am stumped as to why it’s still not working?

Morning Emma, we’ll open up a private message to get some more info on your account and the affected client. Please lookout for a green notification in the top right.

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