Client Import Tool and CSV errors

Just started on quickfile and the first thing I want to do is import customers from a csv.
It fails with no useful explanation (There was an error processing your file
Please contact your system administrator.)

Has anybody successfully used this feature and, if so, can anyone provide some advice please.

Hi @dramafactor. Does your CSV file meet the format set out at

I’ve managed to get hold of a more useful error:

The CSV appears to be corrupt near record '16' field '9 at position '1679'. Current raw data : 'Company Name,Account Number,Contact telephone,Contact first name ,Contact surname,Postcode,Contact email ,Address Line 1,Address Line 2,Address Line 3,Town Bra...

Right now I’m not sure precisely what’s causing this but I shall let you know.

Looking at that position in the CSV I can’t see anything that stands out. There’s definitely some rouge characters in there that the encoder doesn’t like. We’ll report back when we have more info on this.

I opened your CSV file in Open Office, saved, and it now works fine. Not sure how you created the original file but it wasn’t conforming to CSV norms. I noticed commas we’re missing of the trailing fields, saving in OF added these missing commas.

I’ve sent you a PM with the new working file.

Yes, but not enough detail given. Glenn has sorted it for me. Think it was simply that not all rows had same number of columns. Blank columns at end of a row were omitted.

I should add that we have also changed the response message now to display the full error text.

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