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Client invoices - View 'all' misses recurring invoices

I’m not too sure what to class this is because although technically, it’s a bug, I don’t think it is (probably due to the technicality of doing it).

Anyway, if you go to a client view, you see a list of invoices, credit notes, estimates and recurring invoices - very handy. Although, the issue comes when you click ‘all’. My expected outcome would be that you would see a list of all the items shown in the summary plus more. However, there are no recurring invoices.

Obviously, the heading clearly says “Recent Invoices”, so maybe just a slight amendment of the link wording would just be better?

I think this needs to be reworded then. It is intended to show all invoices, or just the outstanding ones. We can’t really show all items on a single table as the formatting is very different for invoices, estimates and recurring invoices.

We’ll have a look at amending the text.

Would an alternative be to perhaps have 3 buttons or options of some sort to alternate what to show?

I notice the URL is easy enough to change (the ‘t’ variable), but not sure how easy that would be to fit in?

I think it’s a little overkill, as you can already do this in the View menu. The invoice option was there as it’s often the most popular choice.

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Very good point! :smile:

Still early for me! Agreed then - I think a simple reword would clear it up

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We’ve added a little clarification here now:

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