Client is changing their company name slightly

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One of my client is changing their company name slightly. For example, John Smith LLP is now John Smith Plumbing LLP. Do I create a new client or modify the existing one. I don’t want this to affect my old invoices. They need to remain under the old name.

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Hi @pdudhaiya

As long as it’s the same legal entity, you can just update the name of the client. Old invoices would remain the same.

So if for example, it is a name change, then updating the client is fine.
If however the client was a sole trader and is now becoming a limited company, they should be created as a new client.

Thank you for a quick reply Mathew. They are changing from LLP to Ltd. This is on top of slightly changing the name. The business is still the same in general.

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If they are changing legal entity, I would go with creating a new client record just to make things a bit clearer, should there ever be any queries raised (from HMRC for example).

Thanks Mathew,

I’ll take your advice and create a new client record. Best to be safe.

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