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Client messages - Affinity Account

Hi - is there any problem with where client messages are being sent to. I have an affinity account and all of a sudden I have started to receive client messages from my clients customers, intended for my client. The default email addresses are set up and they have not come to me previously - its just recently. Just this afternoon I have received 5 relating to one of my clients despite never having received one for this client since starting to use Quickfile back in 2016

Hi @Stuarth

There has been a change in recent weeks where an admin user wouldn’t be notified of the messages.

The intended behaviour is the admin user of the account should receive an email notifying them of the message on the account. In the case of the admin user being an Affinity user, the Affinity admin would receive the emails.

Hope that helps.

So having an affinity account I usually set up a clients QF account, but I don’t want to receive their client messages - do I therefore need to make sure that the client is Admin on the account?

I would have thought that as you can set a default email address in each QF account that should be used for messages - and I though that is how it worked

The default email address relates more to replies to emails sent from your account.

But making the user the administrator would resolve this. Whoever is set as the administrator will receive emails relating to client messages, amongst other things.

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