Client name change and how it impacts searching


We have an annoying client (company) who is on their third name change in as many years (no joke). The first time they changed their name we updated their client record in QF but it means that when we search for old invoices or estimates we have to remember to perform two searches under their original name and the first new one. This is frustrating, but manageable. Now that they are on their third name we have again updated their client record but now have to search three times to find all invoices, quotes, etc linked to them. Is there a way to implement the linking of client details or assign clients aliases for the purpose of searching?
I can’t be the only one that this has happened to.

Many thanks

you can merge clients together on your client screen.
On the screen of the client in question, click on more option and merge clients.


Hope this helps

Hello @sramdeen

As @rhc mentions you can merge clients records (if you have multiple records for the same client)

Alternatively if you have have 1 record and just changed the name, you could search the clients record for their invoices (Open their record and click View >All Invoices > Search)

OK, the “Open their record and click View >All Invoices > Search” works well and shows all historic invoices and quotes regardless of the three names they’ve had. Once the relevant list is brought up, e.g invoices, further searching and filtering from that screen is possible. So that’s a great workaround.

Thank you

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