Client overpayment

I have a client who has paid three times for one invoice (£288 x 3 for invoice# 1950). Rather than hold the money on their account, the client wants it paid back, which I have done once so far.

I have tried assigning the overpayment to the client’s account and then refunding it to them, but I have to allocate it to an invoice, which then shows it as ‘refunded’ - which is not true.

Can you help please?

You could just not bother tagging it to anything and just delete the 2x money in & 2x money out transactions from the bank account.

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Interesting idea. Thanks Lurch.

Should I create a new invoice for each overpayment - perhaps stating ‘overpayment’ then refund each one?

Or you could do that. I think I have done it both ways in the past.

Thanks a lot for your quick replies Lurch. Much appreciated on a Sunday evening!

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