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Client prompted to login


Hello, I have emailed an invoice to a regular client who as been accessing invoices without an issue for a few years. The last invoice they have been asked to login to view the invoice?

Please advise

Many thanks,


Hi James

Are you aware of any settings being changed for this client? If you modify the client, you should see an option to Enforce client login, which would force your client to enter a username and password before viewing any invoices.

The only other time they would be prompted to take action would be if they are accessing invoices quite a few times within a short period, in which case we would ask them to answer a recaptcha (e.g. “select the photos with a car”) to ensure the request is genuine.


Hi Matthew, Thanks for the quick reply. Currently no changes have been made to the clients details. I’ll ask the to try again to access the invoices.


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