Client reporting

Is it possible to report on how much a client has spent on a particular item number category? Much in a similar way that you can in the P&L report where you can view a pie chart?

A number of clients are asking for us to give them a breakdown on the services we provide and I know the info goes into QF but not sure if I can report on it any way?

Thanks in advance.

By the way the visualise tab in my P&L isn’t working. It stays on the Report stats. I wanted to give you an example.

Hi @w9gga

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to see how much a client has spent per nominal or per item.

The only thing I can really suggest here is perhaps project tags, but this would apply to the whole invoice, rather than just an individual line.

Does anything show up at all when you click on the tab?

Hi Matthew,
Understood on the report.
The P&L visualise tab doesnt appear to do anything when I click it. Its just all the text and figures still.
It has worked before.
It doesnt work in my other QF account for another company too.
I thought it might be my browser but it doesnt work in Chrome or IE

Thanks @w9gga. I’ve replicated this and asked a developer to take a look.

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