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Client request new invoice with different currency

Hi, my client is asking if I could send a new invoice (to replace the previous one, not yet paid) with a different currency.

The invoice is already marked as “sent”. should I create a new invoice (which will then have a new id) ?
Should I then “delete” the one already “sent” ?

Or is there other best practise to ensure proper accounting ?


I would create and send a credit note for the unwanted invoice and create and send a new invoice with the new/changed currency. Deleting is not the best option.

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Certainly use a credit note to cancel the invoice but I have found that some clients just can’t grasp the concept. Actually mailing the credit note often results in requests for time wasting explanations and then re-explanations when the first ones still aren’t understood.

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I do not even know what that is (credit note) ?
Will it mean I do not need to change the invoice in quickfile ?
any pointer where I could learn more ?

No a credit note in this case means it cancels out the sent invoice

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Thanks @Paul_Courtier
got it, but what should I do in quickfile itself in that case ?

Hi @wighawag,

If the invoice is only sent and hasn’t been locked by any VAT returns or Year end then you should be able to go into the Invoice and edit the currency. You can then resend the invoice to the client with their preferred currency


That’s much easier than with credit note. I tried it but is wasn’t working. But, the invoices I tried it were all paid. Now I tested it with an unpaid invoice and is was working. :slightly_smiling_face:I learned something today. :grinning:

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