Client search not working

Ok so i thought this was just temp glitch but my client search facility doesn’t seem to want to work at all. Ive tried searching names, emails, ref, on clients imported by paypal and manually inputted ones. They all show up and have areas etc, just seems odd the search doesn’t pick them up.

Have you tried putting the full or partial client name in the company name search box? Many clients are created with the individuals contact name in the client/company name field.

The first name and surname boxes will search additional contacts associated with the main client record.

Ah ok thanks that worked fine. What threw me is ive been using the dialogue box for new client in the invoice screen, which says client name not company, so was searching for the names. Makes no odd long term just threw me. See picture.

Maybe change the text in this dialogue box to company name so it matches in the other places, this threw my partner off this morning too hence why i asked.

Once again thanks Glen :smile:

Yes I think changing the search field annotation to match the other areas makes sense, we will get that updated for the next release.