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Client set up - open banking


Is there a way of inviting a client to set up open banking from within an infinity account?

I had a meeting with a client yesterday and she logged in her end to set up the open banking, as I do not have access to the bank logins, and had to pay for the set up before we could proceed. If I try and access the same it puts me straight through to the appropriate bank authorisation screen, which I assume is because it would of been charged directly to me.
Can I access a copy of the receipt on the account or does the client need to forward it to me?

I had already invoiced the client based on me being responsible for payment of software. It would be good to know if I missed something for future reference.


I believe the open banking feed is charged to you if you’re setting it up via affinity so the recept should be in your account somewhere

As far as I know, there isn’t a way to invite a client to set up or renew open banking feeds without having login details for the account.

I have suggested that there be some form of link or email to send to clients so they can establish the feed remotely.

But apart from that, if you set up the client with login details for her account you can guide her with setting the open banking feeds up herself remotely.


When I log in via my Affinity account it takes me through to the bank but I’m not in a position to set it up without the bank logins. She logged into the Quickfile account her end and followed the process but before it would connect to the bank it asked for payment which she had to do by card.

Yes, it would be great to be able to initiate the process and then a link be sent to the client to do their bit.


Yes that’s one of the limitations that I find. You ideally need the client present with you in order for you to be billed.

I would prefer a way to send a link via affinity that only allows the set up but still confirms payment from us.

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