Client statement default content

Good evening. Is there a way to amend the statement content included in the default version?
A couple of clients with recurring statements have said that they only wish to see the list of outstanding invoices and balance outstanding. They do not want paid invoices or payments included.
My employer would really like to roll this out to all clients if possible.
Many thanks for any help to achieve this.

Hello @NumberJunkie

This can be done on the client record

View > Statement, you can then choose what you wish to hide and also choose to set up a recurring statement.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply. I should probably have clarified that the person doing the admin before me set up hundreds of clients by adding them to the recurring statements section under the Reports heading. Thinking this was the correct way to do it I followed suit.
Is there a way to change the default so that I don’t have to amend every client individually? There are approx 700 clients now which would make it an onerous task.
If that’s the only way though then I’ll get cracking on it!
Obviously going forward I’ll change to that method now that I know the difference it makes.

Hello @NumberJunkie

At present there is no way to bulk update statement preferences.

I have logged a ticket with the development team to see if there is scope to develop this.

Hi Steve, no problem at all, appreciate your reply and assistance. At least I know how to do it correctly going forward. Thanks again!

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