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Client with 2 company files - same email issues


Hi, I have a client with 2 company files under my affinity account, I’ve added the acounts dept details as team members but QF won’t let me save the same email to the second company file, is there a way around this? She doesn’t want to have to create another email to login.


Is your client using gmail or another service that supports the use of the + sign in an email?

You can then use clientname+company1@domain.com and clientname+company2@domain.com and they’ll both go into the same email inbox. (clientname@domain.com)

It also has the added benefit the client can add mail filters in the inbox to sort the different companies into different folders.


I’m not sure…wil check tomorrow


They’d only need the email address for logging in to be unique. They could just use a different email and have it set to forward everything to their other account, they need never log into the second email account again.


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