Clients Address missing when importing sales invoices


I have been importing my sales invoices using the CSV file, I can see the clients address on the Invoice itself, however, this information is missing on the client’s card and is using the UK as a default country for all of them even when the file say a different country.

Thanks in advance

Hi @supramobili,

When you set up the clients did you enter all of their address details including country?

Importing the invoices shouldn’t affect the client address as this would have been set when you created the client

Hi @QFBeth,

Yes I did, this is how it looks when I see the invoice


and this is what it shows on the client’s card


When you upload invoices to quickfile, quickfile only takes the name from the invoices. Your supplier / customer details like address, phone number, email and so on you have to enter separately (or upload these details to quickfile).
Hoover over Account Settings and then over Import Data, there you can see Import Client, Import Suppliers and so on
Hope this helps

This client card hasn’t got an address associated with it. If you were to amend the client and enter the address it should then show the correct country

Thanks for the reply, that is certainly a solution, however, it’s an additional task to do, I think Quickfile should take the information from the sales invoice file otherwise I don’t see why there is a field on the file called “client address”

If you import clients / suppliers then there is a address line (see below)

If you import invoices then there is no address, email and so on request (see below)

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there is a field on the CSV sales invoice file called customer name and customer address, it should take the information from there and create a new customer with the address.

The invoice importer doesn’t pick up the address field. Did you try to upload the invoice twice - once as a client upload and once as invoice upload?

Hi @supramobili

The address for invoice imports is actually free text, in that it’s not specifically broken up like it is for clients, so unfortunately matching up isn’t something we’re able to do.

This mirrors that same set up when creating an invoice within QuickFile. We prepopulate the client address with the data saved for that client, but it can be altered to how you see fit.

If you created the client first and then imported the invoice with a matching client name, we would have matching this up. But the address field in the invoice import will still override the one saved against the client.

Hope this helps.

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