Clients Control Panel to view estimates and history of work

I recently have had requests from my customers that they would be very keen to view invoices and what work we have carried out for them in the past, when i send them a link to invoice or estimate they say it prompts them for a User Name and Password what usually is the process for my customers gaining access to their control panel to gain such information??

System automatically email user name and password for client to view invoices and messages etc through their client panel. If you enter clients email id and main contact

The system can create passwords for you, or you can define your own.

If it’s a new client, you can select ‘Automatically Create Password’, and the option to ‘Email password to client’

If it’s an existing client, you can either add a new contact…

…and it’ll open a new box for you to define the password and email it to them…

…or you can edit an existing contact (click the magnify glass).

Hope this helps!

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If you send a link to an invoice from Quick File it shouldn’t be prompting the user to login (happy to look further into this for you if you want). You can also follow the steps posted by @Parker1090 to reset the password, this will email a copy of the password to the client so he/she can log in and view all their historic invoices.

May be worth mentioning that although the link can automatically log someone in, there is an option on the Client screen (top image in previous post) to “Enforce Client Login”, which I assume forces the client to log in each time?

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Yes it would enforce manual login, @DSDental2014 maybe worth taking a look to see if you have that option flagged.

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