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Clients, Customers, Companies and Contacts

Hi. I’m just starting out with QF and like what I’ve seen so far.

I sell to individual customers rather than companies. As far as I can tell the only way I can record details of my customers is in the Client Management Area where I have to record each one as a “Company” and if I want to add an email address I also need to add them as a “contact” for that company. Am I missing somewhere where I can simply record details of individuals? I’m not bothered so much with the labels here, just the extra admin in setting my customer listing.


A client doesn’t have to be a company, it can just be an individual. You do still have to add a “contact” if you want to be able to email invoices from QuickFile but you can just use the same name for both the “client” and the “contact”.

Essentially the client name is whatever legal entity you are invoicing, whether that’s a person or a limited company.


Thanks Ian. As I thought…don’t get hung up on the labels.

Just to add to the previous comments you don’t need to record individual clients if you are making individual prepaid sales. The Cash Register Tool is great for these. You can also create generic clients for different sale types but you will still need to invoice these.

As a magazine we have separate generics for mail order sales and pre-paid advertisements.


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