Clients Default Nominal Codes

I am in the process of loading data to Quickfile. We are currently creating clients and loading their opening balances at that stage. I notice that all the sales are being allocated to the ‘General Sales’ nominal. Some clients with O/B are export. Is there a way we can set a default slaes nominal for each client?

You can track the sales for each client by going to the client area and clicking ‘View >> All Invoices’:

If you want to track on a nominal level, will need to ‘Add New Nominal Accounts’ under Sales for each client.

Thanks Joe. Perhaps I didn’t explain clearly enough what I’m trying to achieve; I’m not trying to identify sales to an individual customer via the nominal ledger. I am asking if it is possible to set a default nominal code for a specific customer i.e. so sales to XYZ Co in China will automatically be posted to 4100 General Export Sales N/C.

We allow a default code to be set for suppliers but not clients. I’m happy to propose this as a feature, it would make sense to add this functionality. Currently you’d need to click the grey question mark icon and manually change the category for sales invoices.

Once again thank you. I think it would be a useful enhancement. Even better if it could also encompass the VAT code as well. Speaking of which is there a ‘standard’ report for EC Sales List?

There’s a separate column for the VAT amount. Yes there is an EC Sales list it can be generated once a VAT return has been created. It’s buried away but it does exist.

Where is the EC Sales report?

I’d like to add my vote to this - I have a case where I want to create multi-line sales invoices for one particular client that always post to the same nominal code (not General Sales), and it would be very useful if I could just make that code the default for this client rather than having to click the cog wheel and change the code for every single line individually.

This would be an excellent and extremely useful feature as it would save so much time when enetring invoices of different types.

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Just a quick note to say this is now live. When you create or modify a client, you will now see the option to specify a Default Sales Category:

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Thanks. I worked out the trick for my particular case (create the invoice with just one line initially, set that line to the new code, preview the invoice and then modify it again, and from that point on any new lines you add will take the nominal code from the first line rather than defaulting to general sales), but this will be useful to save another step.

Ironically I only have to do this once or twice a quarter and did one last night so it’ll be a while before I get to test it.

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