Clients not recieving invoices and being unable to log in

I am having customers say they have not received invoices. Initially, I thought this might be a ploy to delay payment until it happened to a customer who pays promptly and without fail chased some invoices he thought were missing.

He was not receiving invoices after 12 months + issue free, I deleted his contact details and re-input them and this seemed to resolve the issue.

Now, I don’t know who is receving invoices and who isn’t. I don’t want to have to do the above for each client and resend all invoices for a number of reasons and I also don’t want to leave this till the payment is late to find out there is an issue.

Have you seen this before and is there an easier way to resolve? Also clients who seem to have an issue can’t log on to the system.

Many thanks


Hi @Spilker

Do you have a Power User Subscription on your account?
Do you notice it with any particular email provider (e.g. outlook, Gmail, etc.)?
And do you use your own SMTP server or the QuickFile default set up?


not sure what a poweruser account is - we do pay for quickfiles if this helps

All customers have domain type email addresses and I am using the quickfile default set up

thank you


That would be the one :slight_smile: . We include a feature as part of the subscription, which is a good place to start with this.

Providing you are the account admin, can you go to Account Settings >> All Settings >> Email Sent Log please?

This should list all the emails your account has tried to send, and what’s happened with them (e.g. if they were blocked, or failed, or still pending, or even opened).

Are any of the emails you’ve had issues with being blocked?


I have found it, none show as blocked but the ones that say they have not received the invoices the mail isn’t opened. Of the two clients I am currently aware there is an issue with one of them I trust completely, the other not so much but I am all of a sudden having problems getting money in and I am finding when I chase not having had the invoice is the problem.


No problem - let me send you a private message and we’ll do a bit of digging on this for you.

Please look for a green notification in the top right hand corner.

This is when SMS would come into good use, when you send an invoice it would also send a text so they know the email has been sent, then if they don’t receive it they’ll contact you…

Hi @Banger

If you haven’t already, I recommend showing your support for this on the existing thread: SMS Text Alerts to Customers

Or if you have coding experience and fancy giving it a go yourself, we’re more than happy to help by answering any questions you have about the API and/or the QuickFile Partner setup.

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