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SMS Text Alerts to Customers


I could be dreaming here, but sending SMS notifications to customers to check their e-mails for Quickfile messages would be REALLY useful.


Hi @Mike

It’s certainly possible and we’re happy to consider it.

We’ll leave the thread open for others to add their vote and comments :slight_smile:


I would love to have this!!! Right now the only way we can do this is using webhooks and an email to sms gateway and its not elegant.


I love this idea! It could be used for escalated overdue invoices for example.


Could this not be done with the webhooks feature. Could use a webhook to fire a zapier zap?


@MatButler - Likely, yes. It’s not something I’ve tried or looked into, but it could be worth giving it a go.

It’s worth nothing however, if you connect your QuickFile account with Zapier, we’ll send them your actions - there’s no need to use a webhook yourself - it’s set up in the background.


Unfortunatley i don’t have a premium account so am unable to try. Thought it would be worth mentioning.


I agree, this would be a really good feature. I’ve just tried setting this up using Zapier but the client’s phone number isn’t among the data passed to Zapier on creation of a new invoice.


This is correct. I have also attempted to send an sms from zapier but as mcgregormedia has stated the phone number for client is not passed by quickfile. This might be a quick fix.