SMS Text Alerts to Customers

I could be dreaming here, but sending SMS notifications to customers to check their e-mails for Quickfile messages would be REALLY useful.


Hi @Mike

It’s certainly possible and we’re happy to consider it.

We’ll leave the thread open for others to add their vote and comments :slight_smile:

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I would love to have this!!! Right now the only way we can do this is using webhooks and an email to sms gateway and its not elegant.

I love this idea! It could be used for escalated overdue invoices for example.

Could this not be done with the webhooks feature. Could use a webhook to fire a zapier zap?

@MatButler - Likely, yes. It’s not something I’ve tried or looked into, but it could be worth giving it a go.

It’s worth nothing however, if you connect your QuickFile account with Zapier, we’ll send them your actions - there’s no need to use a webhook yourself - it’s set up in the background.

Unfortunatley i don’t have a premium account so am unable to try. Thought it would be worth mentioning.

I agree, this would be a really good feature. I’ve just tried setting this up using Zapier but the client’s phone number isn’t among the data passed to Zapier on creation of a new invoice.

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This is correct. I have also attempted to send an sms from zapier but as mcgregormedia has stated the phone number for client is not passed by quickfile. This might be a quick fix.


This would be great, especially as the invoice emails sometimes get stuck in spam, and ideal for alerting to overdue invoice reminders.

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yes i second that, would be great for invoice and estimates as we have the same issue with some emails hitting the spam box

This would be great! I’m about to go live in QF so this would be the icing on the cake

This would be amazing to be able to text from within or via the system.

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We’ve developed a ready to use SMS system. If we can help implement this solution please email me at Email removed

Hello @Simon_Raybould

Has this been developed as a QuickFile marketplace app or similar in some form? More than happy to help you get this working.

I have however removed your email address from your post as this is a public forum, but we’ve made a note of it.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve not posted here before, apologies for adding my email address. I would normally ring for a chat but can’t find a contact number. If you could email me I can fill in the gaps.

I’m afraid we don’t offer telephone or email support.

Is your app currently in the marketplace or in staging? I’m happy to help point you in the right direction to get this working - I just need to know a bit more about your current scenario and where you’re having trouble.

Thanks - is this the right place to pass details, etc? This is the product we’d suggest integrating.

hit the enter key to soon… is one of our working solutions

We’re not actively looking at integrating with a SMS partner at the moment - it’s just a proposed feature. Thank you for the link - we’ll certainly keep this in mind should we go ahead with this request.

However, we do have an app marketplace for any keen developer to have a go themselves.