SMS Text Alerts to Customers

No problem. We’ll be here to help if needed in the future. As it stands we send 10’s of millions SMS messages a month. BTW: great accounts system. I’ve recently setup another two for my clients, one just yesterday. That’s how I found the SMS thread.

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yes, I always need to send txt to one customer who does not pay his bills on time and only responds to txt

We are looking at possibly having to move away from Quickfile or explore other options as we need a system with text messaging for Quickfile to possibly offer an API or something to help integrate other system options. That or bolting it on to our Team-up planning calendar to inform clients of up coming appointments / invoices. Need bolt on’s… Any help in this area or pointing in the right direction would be very much appreciated.

Hi @Glenn-Wellesley

QuickFile offers a comprehensive API along with webhooks. It certainly would be possible to create an app to trigger an SMS when a new invoice is created.

You may find these links useful:

We also have an app marketplace which is available through all QuickFile accounts, so if anyone does want to make an app to do this, it can be made available to all users. We’re happy to assist with this side of things if that helps.

Has anyone manage to do this yet?

Are we getting any closer to getting the things added to Quickfile to allow it to happen?

As said above… in the post… not like ABOVE!

Great idea especially for overdue accounts

Ooooh, I’d certainly love this functionality, too!

I like this idea. This would be useful to us.

Any news on this yet!?

I have some parents of students say they didn’t recieve a invoice… some turns out that they started to use a different email so dont check the one you have on record… or some don’t check there emails often enough!!


Hi @Banger

Our position hasn’t changed on this I’m afraid - we don’t have any plans to introduce this into QuickFile at this time, but will be sure to let you know if this changes.

Please introduce a text function for businesses to send invoices to mobile phones. We have found texting very effective for receiving payments, especially if people can’t access their laptops but can pay from their phones straight away. Synchronising with modern technology is the way forward.

Hi RinaM,
Until quickfile introduce a text feature you could use a online service like textmagic or simpletexting and connect quickfile to one of those service via zapier to get it automated.
Hope this helps

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Absolutely this would be great. Especially as often emails go directly to their spam folders. :slight_smile: