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Hi, I’ve sent my usual monthly invoice over to my client. He then normally opens it and simply prints it off. This time when he went to do that he got a messages asking him to log in with user name and password. So he cannot print it. He shouldn’t need to log in to print off an invoice. Can you help please.


Yes, the link on the email should take him directly to the invoice. Occasionally some email clients can break links. Please would you let me know your QF account number and the invoice number in question and I shall take a look.

Hi Glenn,

It would appear all my invoices I have sent recently to customers are getting the same message.Account number 6131407912 Rowland Hills 0565, Allison Matthews 0571, Kim Parker 0570. Causing me a nightmare.



I’ve pulled out a transcript of the emails sent for invoices #0565 and #0571. I can click the link and view the invoice no problem. I will send you a copy of the email body for you to see. The emails as they left our system definitely had functional links.

You could send the invoice as a PDF attachment for these clients that are having problems. Or you could grab the link from the invoice preview screen and send this on a separate email.

I can see from the event log that the client you sent invoice #0571 to logged in this morning at 7:04.

If you can ask your client to send you back the email they received we could look at the link to see if it has been corrupted on route.

Glenn what’s your email address so I can send you two replies from my client that clearly shows what is problem is. It would appear to be he can open the invoice as normal and so can Ali but when they go to the print button and press instead of opening it now prompts for user name and password.


Got it! No need to send details I believe I know what the cause is and we shall address this ASAP.

Thank you Glenn, just had another client email me with same problem.



Mmm still can’t reproduce this?? I used the links I sent on the transcript earlier and it worked fine? Can you please forward the email to Thanks.

Hello Glenn, I am having the same problem!

@Chris does this happen when your clients attempt to print an invoice? I’ve yet to be able to replicate this, is it happening with a specific client or invoice number? I can see several hundred end-user clients logged in yesterday.

Hi Glen, I have sent you an email as requested. If you open the invoice, then go and click the print button it asks you for login & password. I now have another three clients since yesterday with the same problem



I use quickfile both as a business and a customer to others that use it.

I had clients yesterday and today who cannot pay or print without logging on.
I am also unable to print someones invoice to me without logging in today.

It begs the question, what is the default password when creating an account for someone as it doesn’t ask you and also, surely i don’t need to login to be able to print/pay an invoice.

It is happening with all my clients. They can view the invoice but get asked to log in to print?

Or pay using an online method.

Apologies to all affected. The client session was immediately terminating as soon as the user was logged in so any subsequent requests (e.g. print, pay etc) would have kicked them out. It was also a tricky one to reproduce as it only occurs if you have not previously logged into the main account, so when you test by logging into their client account from the client detail screen it would have worked fine.

This bug unfortunately crept into a recent update we deployed. We have now patched and tested this so there shouldn’t be any further problems here.

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Perfect, thank you for sorting this out so fast!

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