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Clydesdale bank feed - how can I retrieve the login ID?


I bank with Clydesdale and always have issues trying to connect open banking feeds. Please see my older post here. Clydesdale connection

I got the feed to work using the 90 number but clydesdale won’t now give me that and my feed is about to expire. I stupidly didn’t note it down.

Is there any way someone can find that 90… number? The bank feed is currently working and using that number to connect my transactions.


Hi @sambates123

Unfortunately the login ID isn’t something we store or even see when you’re creating the link.

Would it have been in an email or letter that they’ve sent you, perhaps?

Another user on the forum who uses Clydesdale may be able to advise a different way of getting this.

After 4 attempts with different customer service staff I finally found someone who knew exactly what i needed and sorted me out straight away. If anyone has the same just keep trying and hopefully you speak with someone who know what they are doing!

But just to confirm again my Clydesdale integration only works with the 90 number.

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