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Clydesdale Bank supports Open Banking but is not listed


Clydesdale bank is not in your list of supported bank feeds, despite its size and its readiness for open banking.

Neither is it listed in the banks available in your “Banking/create new account” page, even though you list many other much smaller banks there, including Yorkshire bank, one of the other banks in the Clydesdale group.


Any chance you will support Clydesdale Bank soon?


Hi @GDuncan

Although it would great to flick a switch to “turn on” a bank, unfortunately it’s not that straight forward.

Despite being FCA and Open Banking registered, we need to register with each bank individually which takes time. We are slowly working through the list of supported banks and currently testing 4, with 2 more lined up early next week.

Besides enabling support for these banks, it’s unfortunate that they each come with their own quirks and issues, so we have to thoroughly test and fix these issues before moving on to others.

If they support Open Banking - they’ll certainly be on our list to get up and running.

However, in the meantime, I will raise your point about the banking list with our team and get that added for you.


As a starting point we’ve now added Clydesdale Bank to our list of supported banks in the bank settings screen. You should now be able to edit your bank account settings and change the bank name selection accordingly.

I have also emailed the listed contact on the Open Banking directory for Clydesdale to find out more about their account information services. We’ll keep you posted on developments here.