Co-op bank CSV format changed, QF shows Credits as Debits

Co-op bank have changed their GUI in the last few days and the transaction download format has changed along with it. Instead of separate columns for Credit and Debit there’s a single column for Account(£). Obviously entries are listed as positive (no sign) and negative (minus sign).

The dates are sorted high to low, instead of low to high and the columns are in a different sequence. The top few lines with other details aren’t there either.

When I use banking upload of the modified CSV file,all the entries are listed as “Money Out”. I’ve deleted the transactions. Help would be appreciated please.

Hopefully the attached shows the old and new layout.

Old and new format Co-op bank download CSV.csv (568 Bytes)

If you upload it and select ‘other’ in the meantime you can tell QF which columns are which.

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Lurch, you’re right. The file I previously uploaded only contained the new layout. This time I’ll upload the file with both formats.

Old and new format Co-op bank download CSV.csv (1.8 KB)

I actually meant in Quickfile when uploading your bank CSV, not the one on the forum.

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