Co-op business banking: upload bank statement

I struggle to upload my bank statements. I download them as txt, then open in Libre Office, save as csv. When I want to upload it I get a variety of error messages or all appears in one column.
All help appreciated!

Does Co-op only provide a txt download option? What about QIF or OFX both supported by QuickFile.

Hi Glen - are there any plans to add the Co-op to the bank feed system. 'Twould be much appreciated and very useful! (pretty please :slight_smile: )

Unfortunately we don’t have any plans to do this. It’s not that we don’t think it would be useful, it’s just bank feeds are extremely high maintenance and break whenever the banks make any slight change to their code. We struggle to support the feeds we already have and they are far from an optimum solution.

Banks should be implementing their own feeds that software providers (such as QF) can link into, the more customers make an issue of this with their banks, the more inclined they are to take notice. It’s a sad state of affairs when banks don’t even provide a simple spreadsheet download option!

Fully understand - and let’s be honest the banks seem to break their own systems on a fairly regular basis! Ok - will stick with the tried and tested manual reconciliation at the end of every month.

I believe the banks will soon be required by the government to provide an open feed (see here). As soon as this happens we will get this implemented ASAP.

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