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Co op CSV bank upload shows everything as debits

Hi suddenly Co op bank must have changed something as everything is now being uplloaded as debits , I see a similar question from last month but still cant see what to do unless I do it manually which is clearly not ideal

Hi @Joy

This is a phased roll out by the Co-op, so we’re not able to update anything on our end as of yet I’m afraid.

Manually mapping the columns would be the way to handle this at the moment.

Sorry this isn’t quite the answer you were hoping for, but if you need any help with this, please let us know.

Ok do you mean change columns on CSV file before uploading , just not quite sure and if so it is debit before credit or the other way

No. Select other from the list of banks and then select which columns are what when it asks you.

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Got it many thanks ,

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