Co-Operative bank feed

I got excited yesterday - I had an email saying that as Co-Operative bank now supported open banking feeds that I could now set up Co-Op in my accounts.

I went to Quickfile to set it up and Co-Operative are still not in the list of supported banks. I went back to the email to see if I had missed something - I had, the email was from QuickBooks (I used to use that but switched to Quickfile) - imagine my dissappointment :frowning:

Come on Quickfile - your competitors have beaten you to the punch - we have waited long enough, lets have Co-Op support back.

Hi @John_Barrett

We’re more than happy to add a feed for the Co-op, but unfortunately at the last check, they didn’t support the standard Open Banking interface. They do offer a modified customer interface which is the basic way to meet the Open Banking criteria, but it works in a different way and requires a considerable amount of work to get this added.

If they announced a standard open banking option, we’ll certainly add it.

My colleague wrote a post on this in more detail, here: Update regarding Metro Bank and Co-op Bank

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