Co-Operative Bank Statement not uploading properly


The Co-Op seems to have changed the format of the CSV file for FSB Bank account. Are you planning to update your upload? I can see a difference between my previous months file and the current months file.


Hi @amolgokhale

Are you able to send me an example by private message at all, and I’ll pass this on to the relevant department?

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We need to be careful changing our parsing rules as sometimes the banks stage the release, so they could be issuing old format to some customers and new format to others.

If we can get further verification on this from other Co-Op users that would be very useful!

You can also try manually mapping the columns using the “Other” options.

Glenn - I spotted that this is still listed as an open bug from last year so just wanted to add my confirmation with that of the OP’s;

I’ve just submitted a bug report for guidance on clearing errors I’ve encountered after completing a Co-Op statement import (link below)

The cause of the issue appears to point to the schema/parsing rules no longer matching the ‘new’ statement format & fields.


Got it… I replied to your other thread.

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@amolgokhale just to let you know we are now handling both new and old formats from Co-op. I will mark this as solved but I will keep it open for a few weeks should there be any further problems.

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