Collaboration with clients - Untagged bank transactions

Often called upon to enter a large number of bank transactions retrospectively for a client at take-on many or some of which need subsequent querybefore they can be tagged. Would be useful if there was a report that we can run off to send to the client that lists the pertinent transaction information for all untagged bank transactions in a user defined date range. At present have to select select individually and then bulk export to csv.

You can run an advanced search in the bank statement view to isolate all entries between two dates that are untagged. You can then export to CSV, albeit 50 at a time.

Would it not be easier to just instruct your client to do this? What would they do with the CSV sheet?

How do you specify untagged transactions only in the advance search criteria?

Sent such a list recently to a client, spanning 12 months. They needed to send it back with annotations as to what each transaction was for so that it could be coded properly. I run ‘managed accounts’ for clients who aren’t comfortable with bookkeeping software but might be ok with spreadsheets. It’s not something I could ask all clients to do.

Advanced search will filter out both tagged and untagged transactions. Next just hover over the pie chart and click on red(untagged) portion of chart to bring up only untagged transactions for date range you selected.


Thanks Peter. That gets to the listing I wanted. I didn’t realise you could use the pie chart in that way. Its clear that this feature already exists then.

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I actually think many users aren’t aware of this! It’s a shame as this is a very useful feature.

We may need to think of a way to make this more obvious.

Has the pie chart gone now? I can’t find it.

You can click this in the top right to filter results on tagged/untagged status.

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Just to add to this, I believe we may be covering this in another new feature.

If you tick the transactions in question, you can click “Share” at the top of the page:

This then allows you to enter a few details (and comments) to send to someone else for review.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Brilliant, many thanks, both. That’s exactly what I needed!

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