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Collecting rebate on behalf of a client


I sometimes get the clients tax rebate into my bank account, I then take my fee and refund them the balance,I have this setup ok in Quickbooks but cannot work it out in Quickfile as I am wanting to move everything over.

Can someone please advise how to set this up?



So only your fee counts as income for you? I’d do it with a dummy “rebate holding account” bank account - tag the money you receive as a transfer from this dummy account and the net payment you make to the customer as a transfer back the other way. This will leave the holding account overdrawn by the amount of your fee, and you can raise a sales invoice for that and mark it paid into the dummy account to bring the balance back to zero.

Hi Ian
Thank you, I did try that but i think I must have done it incorrectly. I will try again and see what happens.



Its worked! Thanks Ian :slight_smile:

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If you do this for more than 1 client, id go one step further and create a bank account for each client, that way you can easily see which clients your holding money for.

Great!, thank you


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