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Command+C is creating New Client even when text selected


I have the problem with Command+C on the Mac creating a new client rather than copying text. having read the post below I have turned off shortcuts but it also said in this reply they should not be invoked if your cursor is in a text box which it is. Was this resolved or did that not get done as it was not confirmed by anyone.

When I highlight any text and try to use the Command+C shortcut it switches to create a new client.

I have switched shortcuts off for now but would like to be able to use them.



Hi @tc5440

Where are you trying to copy the text from? I’ll take a look at this for you.

It happens when I try to copy from and of the item details fields or Invoice No., Issue Date, Account No., Invoice Name and the editable fields.

Any news on this one @QFMathew ?

I have also had to turn off shortcuts to avoid this ‘feature’. Please provide a way to:

  • Change the shortcut from Cmd-C to (say) Cmd-L or
  • Turn off just this shortcut

Given that Cmd-C is Copy everywhere else, it seems a madness to have commandeered it for another purpose. Yes, I can turn shortcuts off overall, but commandeering such a common shortcut for another purpose is very bad UI design.

@tc5440 @Dave_GB - Can I just check what browser and operating system you’re using please?

I’m not able to replicate this on the new invoice screen when the cursor is in a text box. If I press C outside of any of the text boxes, it prompts me to check I wish to leave the page as I’ve made changes.


The issue is not (just) in text boxes - for example I might want to copy a client’s address or phone number - something I wanted to do earlier. It’s not about where Cmd-C is doing a copy and where it’s creating a client - it’s about it creating a client at all! Hijacking a common key is bad. Period. Hijacking it in such a way that it does one action in one place and another action in another place is even worse.

In a nutshell, do not hijack common keystrokes. It’s just bad UI design. “Cmd-C creates a new client except where it doesn’t because then it copies text.”. Doesn’t even writing that as a sentence scream just how wrong that is?

Please rework this or allow the shortcut to be changed.

It’s Command+C on the Mac OS using Safari.

Yes. And Cmd-C on a Mac is Copy.

We don’t use CMD or CTRL keys on any of our shortcuts. That said what you’re experiencing is clearly a bug. I suspect the CMD key is not being correctly escaped on the Mac and therefore you are getting this behaviour.

We’ll have a look at this later today and issue a fix as soon as we can.

We made an update last night that should address this problem. I’ll mark as “resolved” for now but please let us know if you encounter any further issues.