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Community Addons: Developer Extensions

It would be really nice if quickfile had a way for developers to add extended functionality.

So that developers can write their own addons that extend the functionality of quickfile and then make those addons available to other users.

Quickfile would need to create some kind of addon language/structure. It could be linked with the existing API, so developers are limited to getting and setting using the API endpoints and then can create custom tables that they can insert/update/delete from directly.

I’ve either misunderstood your request or haven’t fully understood how the marketplace works, but this sounds like exactly how the marketplace works?

I mean have a way for developers to actually code addons to quickfile; which extend the functionality of quickfile itself. So for example if I want to be able to upload receipts to a journal entry they should be a way to code an extension to add this functionality. Currently it appears that the only wants is to post a feature request here and hope that quickfile adds the function.

Unless I’m misunderstanding the marketplace, it appears to just be for posting to find someone to help you use quickfile, or maybe write an external script using some API functionality.

I know this feature request is a massive ask, especially seeing as your project is not open source, so you’d have to write a ton of documentation for developers and add all kind of code hooks for them use, then figure out a safe way to allow them to code…but i thought I’d just put it out there anyways.

Hi @dave120491284

The marketplace @Lurch referred to is the app marketplace, rather than the #marketplace category on the forums.

We have an API Partners scheme which ties into the marketplace, allowing you to add functionality to QuickFile through our API. While this doesn’t add functionality itself to QuickFile, it allows you to build your own tools that work with QuickFile.

These guides may be of interest:

It would be good if a developer could make an add-on that creates iXBRL files that are HMRC and Companies House compliant.

You would be better making a post/request in a new thread rather than randomly tagging on the end of a random vaguely related one.

But under this system in order to write an “extension” you’d actually have to self host your own script that pushed and pulled data from quickfile API and have some interface to use the extension.

So for example @Darren_Smith request would require he had his own website (or desktop app) that would generate the iXBRL files based on data pulled from quickfile API…which is a real pain (having to maintain a whole separate app just to give you a certain feature).

How nice would it be if he could develop/enable an extension/addon that would allow him to download these iXBRL files right from the quickfile website?

Oops, sorry … my bad threadiquette !

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In order to generate iXRBL compliant accounts you’d also have to generate all the required statutory declarations, you’d have to work out what disclosures are needed, wanted, or not needed. You’d need to work out if someone operates under frs 102 or frs 105, you’d have to work out if someone is exempt from audit under the small companies regime, you’d have to work out tax calculations based on whether something is a revenue or capital expense and whether capital allowances are claimed. You’d have to work out whether something is allowable or written back for tax.

It isn’t as simple as “create a set of IXRBL accounts” . Far from it.

Unlikely to ever happen.