Companies House fee – what category?

What category should I use for ‘Companies House’ fees? I have used legal fees, professional fees and sundry creditors, but all of these will show this item as an ‘Add backs’ and a credit in the ‘Tax Summary’ report. Since I don’t think it should be a credit, all of the categories used above must be incorrect.

I have always used Sundry expenses for companies house confirmation statement fees, I thought this was the best option.

Hi Rob, thank you for your reply. I have changed the category to ‘Sundry Creditors’ as it is the only available in QuickFile containing the word ‘sundry’. Is it OK?

I created a new Nominal straight after ‘7603 Professional fees’ under overheads and called it ‘7604 Professional Fees - Allowable’.

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Hello @Rudy

Here is the instructions on adding a new nominal code

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