Company Closed - Power User Subs?

Hi, The company that has a Power user subscription has closed, and the last transactions in QF were Dec 2016. Im now being offered a renewal for early Jan of the Power User subscription - as there have been no transactions in 2017 do I need to renew?

What happens to my data if I don’t renew? (Only concern is an HMRC query which they have 7 years to raise).

Hi @dnph

If there have been no entries since December 2016, it’s likely to be classed as a free account by now. You can check by logging in and going to Account Settings >> Company Settings. XS, S and M accounts are free.

If you need help, please don’t hesitate to get back in touch, or even send me a private message with some account details.

Hope that helps

Thanks - Yes it shows XS, But I got the reminder to renew today - do I just ignore it? Account: 6131440713

Yes - as the account is XS, it’s free and therefore the subscription is optional. We may email you again to remind you about it, but providing your account remains XS, S or M, then it’s optional to renew.

I’ve also checked the account you mentioned, and can confirm that this is a XS account.

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