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Company house filing: Micro accounts filing from quickfile's balance sheet

I’ve a small company and was trying to File company accounts myself. Looking. into a sample micro-account in company house, I could see the basic requirements. are for balance sheet as below

In my case in quickfile, the “Balance Sheet” page. has below entries

  • Fixed Assets
  • Current Assets
  • Current Liabilities
  • Long Term Liabilities
  • Capitals & Reserves

Just double checking if the QuickFile Balance sheet needs to be “equated” with exactly same fields as companies house or can I take a copy of the “QuickFile’s” balance sheet and will that be OK for companies house?

Hi @lightview

I would advise that you speak to an accountant to make sure that you are filing everything correctly and that you’ve included everything you need to.

If you need help with finding a report to find any specific figures then we would be happy to assist on how to use QuickFile to achieve this

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thanks mate for the quick reply. Upvoted
I think Quickfile is doing all correctly, but it is more of format “likeness” with companies house.

Does quickfile maintain a list of accountants who could do a one off reporting/filing? the reason is my company is very small and profits not much to sustain a full time accountant :frowning:

Hi @lightview

There is a list of accountants that use QuickFile that can be found here: https://accountants.quickfile.co.uk/

Your issue won’t be filing with companies House as they accept any old rubbish. Your issue will come when you try and file your Ct600 and accompanying xirbl formatted statutory accounts.

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