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Hi Only started using this program yesterday for an alternative. The only issue I have is changing the company settings, Basic settings. It is for a limited company.
I trying to change the following information.
Delete address lines 2 & 3 as they are a repeat of city and it looks unprofessional on the invoice.
Change the next year end date
Save the changes, looks ok.
come out and when i go back in it is back to the original?

Hi @simonyardley

When you save these details, do you see a success message? And if so, what does it say exactly?

In some cases, one field can stop part of the save (e.g. if the year end date isn’t valid), but the rest of the details will save, so you’ll see a success message with a note.

Hi Mathew thank you. really helpful it was the profession entry causing the issue. All resolved and again many thanks

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