Company logo in client area

Hello all
I’m just trying to configure some client areas and have used ‘impersonate’ to view.
In the top left, it says “Company logo” instead of displaying a logo:
Q1. Should I be seeing my logo or is there an option to display each clints’ logo somehow?
Q2. If Q1 = my logo, why can’t I see it? I’ve uploaded a .png less than 650px X/Y.


Hi andythornton,
Have you tried to create a “test client” with a “test contact” and then login your client area with the details you created with the “test contact”, so that you can see your client area from a “real” client account?

I can log in using an existing client account using their credentials and the issue is visible. I’m not sure if creating a dummy account would/could behave any differently.
I assume that’s not different from what the client sees?

Oh, I thought you only look from the “impersonate” view/ pre-view.
The only thing I could think off is the size of the photo (not bigger than 450 x 90) and did you click save after uploading the photo? Just to doublecheck, did you upload the logo on

If all that is not helpful then you may have to wait until Monday when is back.

450px? I read 650px on the upload page in the design area. If it is 450px then I will e exceeding that.
From the design area:
“The company logo must be provided in jpg, gif or png format. The logo must not be greater than 650 pixels in width or height.”

I just tried with a 440px reduced logo and no change. I’ve attached what the client area displays when I log in as them:

Hi @andythornton,

If you are impersonating a client it should show you the actual logo, so if you are seeing “company logo” then something isn’t quite right.

If you’d like to send a private message to @QFSupport with your QuickFile account number and a copy of the logo then we can take a look at this for you.

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