Company number not showing on management screen


I have tried to add our company number to our invoice but it will not display it. I have check in the Management information tab and there is no Company number box to edit only a Partnership Tax Reference.
I have tried adding the company number through the key filing dates on the dashboard but this only shows me the key dates. I have also ticked the option to display the company number on the invoice customisation screen.


Are you sure you have a Ltd company account set up?

It is a LLP (Limited Liability Parternership)

Ah OK. That makes sense.

Hi @brad

Apologies for the late reply.

If you go to Account Settings >> Company Settings, does it show “Partnership” or “Limited Company”?

LLPs, although partnerships, are quite similar to limited companies. So you should see limited company on this page.

Hi @brad

Just a quick follow up to see if you managed to resolve this, or if you needed further help?

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