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Company settings wont accept change of year end date

Having come to the end of our year I have just noticed that the year end has defaulted to 31/03/20. I have tried to reset it to 30/09/19 but although when I press save settings it seems to have accepted the date when I go out of the company settings page and then go back in it has reverted to 31/03/20. The same happens when I try 30/09/20. What do I need to do to get the right year end into the system? This is quite urgent as I need to raise invoices for the new year aand I am nervous to do this before I have done a year end close.

That date setting will always be the next YE, ignite the year as long as the month and day are correct. You can freely raise invoices and anything else in the new year before you’ve closed off the old one - I often take months before I get around to doing my year end and have never had any problems, the only issue is that the balance sheet report will count last year’s P&L total along with this year’s until you’ve completed the YE.

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The month and day aren’t correct - it reverts to 31/3 whatever I put in!

That goes beyond my expertise, it’ll need QuickFile staff (@QFSupport) to take a look.

Hi @JohnG

As the label in the setting suggests, it’s the next year end date. As March 2019 has passed, March 2020 would be the correct value here.

Understood, but it doesn’t accept 30/09/2020 either.

OK, seems to have worked now - I was inputting the date from the drop down calendar - I just tried typing it in and that seems to work.

Hi @JohnG

I located your account and changed this. There seems to be a small issue here that prevented it from saving, although it wasn’t actually the date itself.

I’ve logged the issue with our development team to get that updated.

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