Configuring csv from paypal to upload to quickfile


I am new to quickfile and although OK with entering new data, I want to integrate fully with paypal by uploading historic data. When I have tried to upload a csv it asks that the configuration be checked. How do I do this?

Hi @wvtal

It’s likely to be an issue with the format of the file you’ve uploaded (such as the layout of the file rather than the file type).

Can you confirm that you’re using a business PayPal account, and you’ve downloaded the CSV file from PayPal itself please?

I just wanted to add this in to ensure you’re downloading the correct file.

  1. Log into PayPal and select ‘More’ on the right hand side:

  2. On the right hand side, select ‘Download’

  3. Select or enter your date range, and ensure you’ve selected “CSV as your file type”. The balance affecting option would probably be your best option:

  4. And lastly, click ‘Create Report’. This should be done within a few minutes.

You should then be able to upload this using the bank statement uploader select “PayPal (Merchant Account)” as the bank type.

That should download the correct report.

I hope that helps?


Thankyou for your help, I still think I have some work to do to prevent duplication, but this time the report loaded. I will update this thread as I progress in case it might be of use to others having similar experiences.


When i first moved it over there were a few glitches, mostly down to currency transactions, and i ended up working on the file before uploading it to here, as when you have “pending” in USD holding, reverse hold etc, it just seemed to confuse things, so i cleaned the file down before i uploaded it

I’m still getting daily reports showing every transaction, which is a pita, as i thought it would come over as one daily sales figure - I sell lots and lots of little things, at the moment i am converting 16/25 separate transactions into 1 “daily sales figure” just to keep it a bit cleaner.


I’ve tried deleting all transactions in my paypal account within quickfile and then uploading the report from paypal. I get 3 references to the same customer. Two of the items are a net figure, the third is the gross. Unfortunately they all appear as income.

Is there a set method for configuring the paypal csv to align with quickfile?

Thanks Alan

Alan, just download the “balance altering” set of figures rather than everything, then it will only show the 1 payment, but split it up into amount paid, and paypal payment, to catch up with the old payments.

I made monthly totals and uploaded them with a monthly paypal fee shown as a total payment, against the total income for that month from customers if that makes sense, now its all up todate, i just let ebay do its thing, and the figure is imported in dailly - however, i now, add up the days total, and make it as 1 transaction, as i might have 20+ transactions a day and it just looks easier to have 1 total showing, its a bit of work everyday, but simple enough.

Hi, thanks for your help

I am very new at this, how do I reduce the number of columns of data, and how do I know how they line up with quickfile.

make sure your CSV is the “balance altering” and not everything, see my first photo as it will still have more than 1 transaction shown for payments if the sale was via a shopping cart. It may also show hold payments. as you can see when i wanted to upload an older history, i manually took the figures from the ebay CSV and converting it into an excel file(on line several free companies do this) and then working on the data. so i then entered a monthly invoice for sales, etc.

When I first uploaded mine was a huge mess, but i asked on here, and that was the problem, it had put all of my “shopping cart” payments in, rather than just the “balance altering” ones

Thankyou very much for your help, I had hoped that importing the paypal history would be more automatic but I shall do as you have and work in excel to reduce the amount of information.

Hi @wvtal

We offer the option to automatically import new transactions, but unfortunately PayPal don’t supply historical data.

Once you’re happy with the way the account is, you can set up a feed from the More Options menu on the account itself.

Please let us know if you need any help with this.

Hi, paypal support historical data as wave account can retrieve historical data since the date you want. Can you please update this feature on quickfile?

Hi @Onder_Guler

We currently support importing of historical data via CSV. Do you need any help with this at all?

If you have a feature request, you’re welcome to post it as a new topic in the “Feature” category, and we’ll monitor interest from the community, and happily take a look further if the interest is there.

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