Confirmation Statement Error - showing previous business name

I am being asked to submit a confirmation statement. However it is for a previous company. I changed the company details in my quickfile account before I stated using it but the name of the old company is appearing on the File your Confirmation Statement page.


This may be from the management area of your account. If you go to Account Settings >> Management Information, just double check the details there.

Hi Mathew

Thanks for your reply.

I checked there and the information is for the ‘new’ company but the confirmation statement is showing the old company name?

Can I just double where you are seeing the message please?

There is a message on the dashboard saying confirmation statement due in 26 days (its not).

When I click on it it takes me to a page to submit confirmation statement but it is in the old company name.

The new company name definitely appears under the management information page you mentioned previously.

Hi @GLS,

Have you checked that your old company number isn’t still in your settings anywhere?

Thyanks Beth, that has sorted it.

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