Confused with Affinity and Power User Subscription

I have an Affinity Account with Ltd Company and Sole Trader profiles.

I would like to close the sole trader profile as no longer use it - Quickfile has asked me to renew a power user subscription on the sole trader account but, I don’t want to as would like to close it down. I would like to keep the Ltd Company profile with out losing bank feeds and payment settings to that profile. Am very confused by by this as cannot see how to separate the two and close the redundant profile - HELP!

Many thanks xx

Hi @Ruthie

There are a few ways that an account could be active on QuickFile:

  • It’s graded XS, S or M, and therefore free
  • It’s graded as L or XL and requires a Power User Subscription
  • Or, it’s connected to an Affinity account

Only one of these needs to be satisfied for the account to remain accessible. So if for example you have a M account, it would be free to access without a subscription. If it’s a L account, you would need a Power User Subscription. If it’s any size but connected to Affinity, then no individual subscription is required as Affinity covers the cost for the account.

Is the sole trader account still connected to your Affinity account now? When you say you want to keep the limited company account without losing the bank feeds, are you trying to disconnect it from your Affinity account and keep it running as a standalone account?

(for reference, there’s a breakdown of the difference between a Power User Subscription and an Affinity subscription, here: Power User Subscription vs Affinity)

Hi thank you for your help. I have appointed administrator user to the sole trader account so have now closed that account. I’d like to keep the medium-sized limited company but not have the Affinity subscription. How do I disconnect it and use it as a stand alone account?

The first thing to ensure is that the admin of the single account isn’t the Affinity account, otherwise you may lock yourself out. If you created the account directly from within Affinity, it’s likely the Affinity account is the main admin.

This can be changed in Account Settings >> Team Management.

Once this has been changed, you should be able to disconnect it from your Affinity dashboard.

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