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Connecting quickfile app to other account in same name

Hi, I currently have an affinity account to run my business which I was advised to do as my previous account was a mess due to me starting mid year just to do my vat.
I have downloaded the app but when I log into my account it comes up with last years and I cannot locate the new account I opened earlier this year.
Please could you advise me what I need to do.

Hi Jane_Terry,
Do you use the same login details for both accounts? If so every account needs different login details.
And for the app, I think, you have to use your normal account login details not affinity.

Yes I do use the same login details for both. I dont really need the old account now as I have submitted them and moved over to the new one. I set up the new account in Affinity as I use the same email address.

At the moment, I think, when you login you get all the information for your old account. You should may change the email address from one of these accounts, reinstall the quickfile app on your device and login in with the email address you use for your current quickfile account. But I am not sure is the app working with affinity. I don’t use affinity. I may wrong but as far as I know affinity is just a working dashboard where different accounts connected to. So very useful for accountants. They can connect to clients accounts if they need help or to fill a tax return or so. The accountant don’t really need the app. The client is uploading the receipts. But as I said, I may wrong.

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At the moment the QuickFile mobile app uses the individual account logins and doesn’t support the Affinity login. This may come in time, but the app is still relatively new. All I can suggest for the moment is watch this space! :slight_smile:

How do I find the individual login for the new account as I want to send my receipts to that account not my old one or do i carry on using camscanner? Many thanks for your help.

Hi @Jane_Terry

When you’ve logged into the account, go to Account Settings >> Team Management. This is where you’ll see all the logins for the account.

Each account would need it’s own log in. With Affinity, you would see a dummy account there using an Affinity holding address. These don’t have passwords as they’re used solely for the Affinity account. So if you want to log into the account from the mobile app, you would (for the moment) need to create a new, unique, login.

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Many thanks that worked well.

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