Connecting to HMRC Tax Account for VAT/MTD

Hi, I am having problems connecting.

It comes up with “You are not yet authorised to view this report for xxx. Please ensure your VAT number is correct and you have connected the corresponding HMRC Tax Account. If you have recently enrolled on the MTD scheme please allow 24 hours for HMRC systems to update.”

I have checked the VAT number and that it is linking to the correct HMRC Tax Account (which I have had for 6 months or so) and it has been 9 days since I tried to connect my quickfile account to the HMRC Tax Account. I also called who said they couldn’t check anything from their end and I would not get a confirmation email from them when the software was connected (a suggestion from an earlier thread on this topic).

Any other suggestions would be welcome.


Hi @HelenSB

The error it sent to us by HMRC, and it’s normally one of 3 things:

  • Wrong VAT number / wrong tax account
  • Not enrolled on MTD
  • Enrolled, but not received the confirmation email

Just to confirm - the confirmation email is sent when MTD has been activated for you, not when the software is connected. Given you’ve been trying for 9 days however, it should be active by now.

Can you please try removing your tax account from QuickFile, and re-adding it? Make sure it’s the same one you would use to log onto the HMRC website and view your VAT account.

Thank you. This fixed it.

Best wishes

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