Consolidated Entity Accounting

We have one Ltd company but three different sites that we want to track in Quickfile - how can we have them tracked seperately but pull all the info together for accounting purposes?

If you are looking for Sales analysis from three sites then you need to create 3 different sales accounts

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If each trading style requires a different invoice design then yes you will definitely need to run 3 separate accounts. At the year-end you can then merge the balance sheets and P&L.

invoice design can be the same - its just three pubs under one limited company but are otherwise wholly independent

There are a couple of ways you can do this. If you just want to differentiate the sales you could as @Accountant suggest create 3 separate nominal accounts for each of the pubs. You could also differentiate by using 3 clients (e.g. Pub 1, Pub 2, Pub3) or you could use project tags, although this method will probably be quite fiddly as you’d need to keep manually applying the tags once the invoices were created.

A Company can have different trading names but it should disclose on invoices and websites this fact for example Drinks ltd T/A pub1 , Drinks ltd T/A pub2, Drinks ltd T/A pub3